The Poacher | Slim Chance

The Poacher, taken from 'On The Move' released by Fishpool Records is now available as a downloadable single.
There will also be a limited edition of signed hard copies available exclusively at Slim Chance gigs.

Duncan &  Brady

Duncan & Brady

In appreciation of Lead Belly's unrivalled prowess as musician and all round entertainer, Slim Chance have recorded a cracking version of Duncan & Brady, the wonderfully dramatic song that tells the story of an agent of the law paying the price for going too far. The band played Duncan & Brady at the Lead Belly Fest on June 15th at the Royal Albert Hall.

Slim Chance 1973 2013

How Come

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the birth of the band and the release of the hit single How Come, Slim Chance's 2013 recording of the song was released on 24th June.
Buy it as a download on the usual channels.

Slim Chance single

One for the Road / Flags and Banners

2-track 'single', One for the road, Flags and banners