Tour dates Slim Chance at the Water Rats


3 June 2021

Farnham Maltings
Bridge Square, Farnham GU9 7QR

23rd June 2021

The Water Rats
328 Grays Inn Road, Kings Cross
London WC1X 8BZ

27th June 2021

Tring Carnival. Details tbc.

11 July 2021

Cornbury Festival
The Great Tew Park, Great Tew
Oxfordshire, OX7 4AF



The Phoenix Tapes

Anniversary is the opening track of the Phoenix Tapes, a collection of previously unreleased tracks recorded by the band Slim Chance since its reincarnation some 10 years ago. The Phoenix tapes feature performances from many of the fine musicians who worked with the band in the last decade, and also a brilliant contribution from Ronnie's trusted friend and collaborator, Pete Townshend. The whole series will no longer be on YouTube but will shortly be released on the band's own label, Fishpool Records. You can also sign up there to be added to the band mailing list. Thanks YouTube for hosting the series so far. And best wishes to you all who have enjoyed the Phoenix Tapes in these difficult times. Stay tuned!

Tour Dates

We're sorry to say that the current pandemic has knocked out most of our summer schedule. But fingers crossed we'll be back on track and seeing you all before too long! Any queries please email

Just for a moment Ronnie Lane boxsetJust for a Moment, the Ronnie Lane Boxset released by Universal

"Here, in these songs, collected with such love and care, he is found again." says Townshend of his old friend. "Probably at the height of his rebellious and chaotic powers, where music had to be immediate and uplifting, or else heart-breaking - but always real."

The boxset, named after the song, written with Ronnie Wood for the soundtrack of Mahoney's Last Stand, traces Ronnie's musical output from when he left the Faces 'til when he finally succumbed, after a valiant battle, to MS in 1997. Ronnie's official releases, mostly recorded with Slim Chance, the band he created to bring to life his core musical vision are all included. There is also a significant amount of very interesting unreleased material, mostly unearthed in Ronnie's brother Stan Lane's barn.

The 6 disc box is accompanied by a substantial booklet with writings by Pete Townshend, Paolo Hewitt, Kris Needs, Kent Benjamin and Charlie Hart, who also acted as consultant on this project. The lyrics to many songs are also included, and all in all, it is a very impressive offering, that, as one fan has said, really helps to 'join up all the dots'.
Buy your copy

MOJO Magazine July 2019 (pdf)

New Cross Road | Slim Chance NEW CROSS ROAD

Slim Chance are delighted to announce the release of their latest album, New Cross Road on the band's own label, Fishpool Records distributed by Cargo. The album features five originals from the band which sit nicely alongside four classic Ronnie Lane songs and a rocking version Pete Townshend's Squeezebox. Pete himself has described the album as "a really hearty and real collection. Fantastic sounds, excellent production", and the response has been very positive all round. ORDER YOUR COPY

RONNIE LANE, renowned for his part in both the Small Faces and the Faces, wrote some of the most heartfelt and haunting songs of the 60s and 70s. Shunning commercial success he created and toured with his travelling circus, the Passing Show, and left a highly influential musical legacy. More

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Let the people speak!

  • Greetings from America!
    Slim Chance w/ Alun, please come to America! Please forward this message to Mr. Davies for me. His album DAYDO, is among my favorite records!
    All the best - Gary Norris, Seattle
  • Hello! I just wanted to say how much me and my friends enjoyed Saturday night in Worthen! It was really brilliant and everyone enjoyed themselves so much! The songs were so much like the originals and a great time was had by all of us!!
  • You’ve got to be up on your feet with Slim Chance. It was a great show.
    All the best, Rob
  • Just a quick line to say how much we enjoyed the gig on Saturday night we thought it was fantastic, hope you get around the area again soon. Highlight of the evening, The Poacher, brilliant.
    Thank you. Regards Max Beddow
  • On the night i was over whelmed and cried at a few songs especially when Stan Lane cried at DEBRIS it set me off to. I am still buzzing from that night . I honestly listen to Slim Chance EVERY DAY at some point as it just keeps me going . I cant wait to see them again and i hope Ronnie is looking down and enjoying the show too .
    Kind Regards Iris Jones
  • His music is a treasure that he left for us to enjoy. If Slim Chance plays anywhere near me, I will be there.
    Thanks,David Roberts
  • The band was exceptional and did Ronnie's (& a few others) songs proud. The feel, the craftsmanship and general good vibe in the band made it a memorable night for me and the 4 others in our party.
  • Thanks to you and the chaps for last nights gig. Wonderful joyous stuff.
    Had to write this, when I found you guys had reformed it put a huge smile on my face! This is excellent news. Ronnies/your music is a permanent addition in my collection and played on a regular basis and there's a new generation of kids listening to it now... mainly my kids 8yrs & 5yrs they love it too.
  • I just had to drop you all a line to say how the family and myself thoroughly enjoyed your performance at Rhythm Festival 2011, on Saturday afternoon. You were in my opinion the best act of the day
  • Just wanted to say congratulations and thanks for a great evenings entertainment, haven’t enjoyed myself so much for years! Single is great too. Cheers Phil Babbs
  • Went to see Slim Chance at the Borderline recently - absolutely brilliant show!
  • It’s about twenty-five years ago I‘ve heard the music of Slim Chance for the first time. It’s was beautiful. Today I’m hearing the new cd every day travelling by car. Your music is like a very old single malt whisky: delicious! I hope, I can see you one day in Germany. Thank you very much. Broder
  • Just a quick message to say I came to the Slim Chance gig at The Stetson in Ravenshead last month & it was fantastic. I'm only 33 so never got to see the band the first time round but I have loved Ronnie Lane for the last 15 years & couldn't believe his band were playing round the corner from me.
  • Thanks for the album. It arrived just before I set off for the Anitpodes. Lovely stuff, ESP From the Late to the Early, one of my favourite Laney songs. Good luck with the record. Best, Billy (Bragg)
  • I listened last night. I really love the tracks you've done. You're capturing Ronnie's spirit. Pete (Townshend)

Let the people speak (static version!)


  • Videos
  • On the Move

The whole album is drenched in the rollicking joi de vivre that Lane himself channelled so adroitly. A spirit-raising triumph from start to finish.

Viva la Rock

Much more than a nostalgic re-treading of past glories, this is rock'n'roll played as balm for the soul by a band of brothers.

Steve Hunt | fRoots

On The Move sounds like music made with drinks in hand and wide smiles on faces.

Mark Blake | Mojo

Their second LP is an aged-in-the wood delight. They've all done Ronnie proud.

Q magazine

Original Chancers Steve Bingham, Charlie Hart and Steve Simpson convincingly recreate Ronnie's uniquely ruralised, soul-and-groove brand of folk-rock.


Richly garnished by fiddles, bottleneck and accordion, the rejuvenated Slim Chance seem to be emerging with a rough-shod, rollicking sound of their own………..the party is already in full swing.

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